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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2010 Coverage, our ELEVENTH YEAR of providing pictures to you!

To the right, you'll see our E-mail address. Use it to contact us with any questions you have. Also, if we know we'll be seeing a certain company, we'll list it with an approximate time of when we expect to have coverage up. Plus, who knows what we'll find as we walk around the show?

And, of course, this main section is our running blog. As we update galleries, you'll see the day and time of each update listed below, so you'll always know how fresh our news is. You can also follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to its RSS feed.

2/16/10 - 3:59pm: We have two final Transformer videos! Go to our YouTube channel or see them below!

2/16/10 - 1:25pm: We got Transformer videos! Go to our YouTube channel or see them below!

2/16/10 - 12:45am: One final gallery from Toy Fair 2010 is online. Check out random things we saw in an album we like to call Wanderings at Toy Fair!

We have a few videos of Transformers we're trying to process and upload, but those will probably not be online until later Wednesday. Keep watching this site and our Twitter feed!

2/16/10 - 12:10am: Three more galleries are online now.
Comic Images, Huckleberry Toys and LEGO Licensing!

2/15/10 - 10:56pm: Four more galleries are online now. Square Enix, Basic Fun, PBM Express, and a supplement to Shocker Toys! Oh, and we added 2 new pictures to Diamond Select Toys!

2/15/10 - 10:35pm: Three more galleries are online now. DC Direct, Giant Microbes and a supplement to Diamond Select Toys!

2/15/10 - 10:10pm: Evening folks! Three galleries are online now. Evolvems, McFarlane Toys and Vamplets. Aw, widdle baby vampires, how cute.

2/15/10 - 8:35am: Wow. I was tired when I did that last blog update last night. It wasn't four Dark Horse Comics galleries, it was one Dark Horse Comics and three other galleries. Oops. :) Links have been corrected below.

2/14/10 - 11:32pm: Our last update for the night includes the following Galleries: Dark Horse Comics, Diamond Select Toys, Jun Planning and Triad Toys!

2/14/10 - 11:25pm: Looks like I overwrote a blog entry here. Our Mattel Galleries are online! Featuring Avatar, Barbie, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, DC Retro Action and Zod, DC Universe Classics, Disney Princesses, Ghostbusters, Justice League Unlimited, Masters of the Universe Classics, Polly Pocket and Miscellaneous, Toy Story 3 and Cars and WWE!

2/14/10 - 11:22pm: Our Funko, Idolz Toys, Kotobukiya, NECA, Shocker Toys and Underground Toys Galleries are online!

2/14/10 - 10:15pm: Our Bif Bang Pow!, Tonner, Toynami and Wild Planet Galleries are online!

2/14/10 - 9:45pm: Our Mezco Toys Galleries are online! Go click to the left!

2/14/10 - 9:43pm: Our Spin Master (Bakugan) Galleries are online! Go click to the left!

2/14/10 - 9:40pm: Our Bandai Galleries are online! Go to the left and find Bandai - Ben 10, Bandai - Harumika, Bandai - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Bandai - Tamagotchi and Bandai - Teeny Little Families/Miscellaneous!

2/14/10 - 3:50pm: Our LEGO Galleries are online! Go click to the left!

2/13/10 - 9:07pm: More Hasbro! Click to the left to see GI Joe, Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony!

2/13/10 - 8:35pm: More Hasbro! Click to the left to see Transformers and Marvel!

2/13/10 - 7:30pm: Our coverage has started with some press kit images from Hasbro! Check out galleries from G.I. Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Wars Slide Presentation and Transformers!

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